Workshop 4- Bring it together


Personal goals, salon / business/ career goals

Even staff goals are often forgotten in every day business.

However, we need to bring it all together

Work/ life balance is one of the hardest things to achieve in life


When our head feels clear we have direction.

Goals, strategies and plans are defined and we know where we want to go and how to get there.

Every day I use Siri on my phone. I can’t imagine not using him . In fact my manners are so good I say please and thank you to him!

Siri can’t  help me unless I give him some instruction.

He’s a bit like our unconscious mind: he likes to serve, needs very clear directions, and takes your instructions very literally.

So that  is what Bring it all together will be about: clear direction in all your goals

Create your instructions to how and where you want to go


Balance your mind with techniques and rewards strategies that  you can use even when life gets too much.

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