Diary of a successful salon

When you look back at last year’s business diary did you ask yourself: Was my diary so full to the brim that we now need to think about taking on more staff or more treatment rooms or more nail desks?
Or did you look at your diary, let out a big sigh and think:

“wow we had lots of spaces look at those huge gaps from cancellations!”

Your business diary should be full but how can we achieve this and what can you do to stop cancellations and gaps in your 2019 business diary?

When you look at seasonal dates like Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day, do you then think:

  • I should have done a promotion

  • I really didn’t have time

  • It came around too quickly

  • What do I do that the business down the road isn’t doing?


Have you run out of new ideas?

Don’t let your business struggle for another year.

Well this is the workshop just for you so that you can help your business succeed in 2019 and make it your best year yet.

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