Here at Beauty Consulting Coaching we offer motivational maps (R) ; these motivational maps (R)  will give you a chance to stop and think about you and where you are going by asking questions for you to complete with multiple choice answers. Then the answers will help you understand what motivates you as a person so you can decide the best route to follow for your future.

Motivational Maps (R) are a unique a diagnostic tool  to help individuals make informed career choices, and for businesses to improve the measurable motivation, productivity and performance of their team(s) and organisation.


A questionnaire is completed online (takes around 10 minutes) and the motivation map (R) is available immediately.

Your map will then be delivered to Amanda who is an accredited practitioner. Amanda will then provide you with bespoke Motivational Maps (R)  to help increase:

  • Personal effectiveness

  • leadership development

  • high performance teams

  • accredited practitioner

To start tapping into your motivational tendencies, click the big purple button get started!

Unlike your personality, your motivations will change as you progress through your career. As we develop and change, so do the things that motivate us in life. The detailed reports that we can create through your answers give insights into how you are performing, what you love and what action you can take to improve your lifestyle to do more things you love.

There are nine motivators at work and you will find you are one or a few of them. When we complete your motivational map profile we will see what this means about you and what changes can be put into place to better yourself and your future.

1. A Searcher – as a searcher you want to know that the work you do has meaning and that your efforts help towards the overall outcome. A searcher will want to make a difference.
2. A Creator – a creator is motivated by exercising their creativity, solving problems and finding new ways to do things. A creator will want to be an innovator.
3. A Spirit – if you are a spirit, then you are motivated by being able to control your own actions. You’ll need clear objectives, but want to achieve them in your own way.
4. A Builder – builders are motivated by seeing a material result of their efforts; this is often a financial reward or bonus for example. A builder is motivated by earnings and money.
5. A Director – as a director you are motivated by having control over a project and having the power and control to influence how a project is completed. As a director you want responsibility.
6. An Expert – an expert is all about the education and training. They like to know exactly what they are doing and are motivated by learning and improving their skills. An expert wants mastery.
7. A Friend – a friend loves interacting with others, building relationships and working in a group with others. A friend is motivated by engaging with others.
8. A Star – a star motivational profile is a person that likes public recognition, awards, titles and medals. For a star to shine they must be seen.
9. A Defender – a defender needs a predictable future, they are motivated by security and need to know that they have long-term career stability.

If you think you know the category you fall into, or you’re not sure which one is most like you then why not speak to us about a motivational map at Beauty Consulting Coaching? The results might just surprise you!

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