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The Cambridge English Dictionary says the definition of a price list is: “a list of prices for the goods or services offered by the company”

A price list can make or break a business especially a small business that doesn’t have a team of staff or a receptionist. You could have the best product in the world but incorrectly priced products can be fatal to your profit line.

This workshop is a great opportunity to update and design a new price list using fundamental marketing techniques so you can upsell your products at any time of the day without you even needing to be in front of the customer

This might be my most useful secret business tools that you can now have at your disposal- and when done right can make you a healthy profit.

Consider this: do your customers know what services/ products you offer apart from than what they have done regularly (i.e. waxing or facials)?

Yet I am constantly amazed at how many small businesses and sole traders don’t have one. Have you ever looked at a website looking for a product or service but are disappointed when you just cannot find a price anywhere? There is no need for this.

Here are some of the answer I have heard over the years when I ask
What’s your Reason for not having a business price list?

...It’s listed on my Facebook service...
(well that causes a few problems of its own)

…It’s on my website and that’s good enough….
(Is it? Why?)

…Paying someone to print and design a price list is too expensive…
(Compared to the revenue you are losing by not having one? )

…I don’t offer very many treatments…
(Perfect! Less is best)

…I Offer far too many services or products…
(Ah… now that’s not good. A good range of products and service is excellent but too many is confusing for the consumer. I can help you scale this down and then produce a useful price list)

Join me for a day out of your business to work on your price list and use it then to your advantage

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