It’s all about ticking the boxes in our business every day.

Let me start by asking you a few questions:


  • Did your last customer or client fill out a GDPR form when they filled out a client consulting from?

  • Do you take before and after picture of your clients for your slimming business? What about face peels or lip fillers?

  • Are they going to be a before and after model for your business with their testimonial?

  • What paper trail do you have to prove there were happy to have they picture posted all over social media?

  • If so what is your business treatment results guarantee policy?

  • How many appointments have you lost this week due to cancellations or no shows?

  • What system do you have to replace lost revenue from last minute cancellations?

  • You client complains to you they are not happy with a treatment or a product: what company policy do you have in place?


These are just a few examples of what we can cover on our ‘Ticking the boxes’ workshop day
Whether you are a sole trader with no staff or a business with employees: you need to tick the boxes. It’s not a fun and exciting thought to do them. I get that.

But where do you start?
Who do you ask for help?

With years in retail and beauty and procedures and policies already in place I can share with you my experience with them and help. Together we can ensure you cover and safe guard your business through compliance, correct procedures and legitimacy and yes, we will have some fun too. This workshop will be a job well done with boxes all ticked!

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